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Review for Nova Comet II Midi Lathe
Review for Nova Comet II Midi Lathe
quinndurham1329 am 12.03.2019 um 17:19 (UTC)
 The majority of the woodworkers don't call for a lathe, in particular those working in shops. For anyone who does the scale door handles, drawer pulls, the like, tool handles, and pens -- lathe or benchtop, is an inexpensive substitute. There is A lathe perfect for anyone who's new to woodturning.

The NOVA 46301 Comet II will be the midi lathe in Teknatool, the manufacturer firm with almost 60 decades of expertise in the technology's creation. Not lathes, this business can be popular for their selection of chucks.

Key attributes

Strong variable speed engine:
This lathe comes with a variable speed motor that provides between 250 to 4000 using a speed from pens into a rate, which creates this lathe the alternative for jobs.

Forward & Reverse switches:
These buttons let you reach a premium end and allow this lathe.

3-step Cable system:
Its pulley system provides along with offering flexibility that is optimum. Usually, the step offers range for woodturning applications more torque is offered by that the two measures that are additional to the software that are critical.

Swing capacity:
This midi lathe has 16.5" ability between facilities and 12" swing capability over the mattress. accessories are essentially extended with by this ability. Versaturn Adaptable Technology accessories:
This technology is unique to NOVA Comet II. Along with this Versaturn Coupler, these accessories permit you to turn your NOVA Comet II midi lathe to a 6" wire brush along with a grinding wheel.

NOVA Comet SKU 47001 bed extension:
To be extended in duration it permits the Comet II, and it's excellent for spindle jobs that are more.

NOVA SKU 47050 Comet Stand:
To be mounted on a rack, this attribute permits this lathe alone. The rack includes steel design and a tubular adjustable, offering and portable and stable work support for your Comet II. Additionally, it will come with legs that allow more room.

NOVA SKU 48232 Comet II Reversible Chuck:
The chuck that is reversible is available and reverse.


Affordable and Fantastic value for money
Outstanding work with powerful motors on smaller jobs
Outstanding customer support
Great Solution for fresh woodturner
Noiseless engine and strong layout
Lightweight and Decent swing capability

Slow speed array with not so much smooth performance
Excessive belt slippage problems
Setup Isn't simpler
It provides warranty for two Decades just
Client review and score on Amazon
With over 20 favorable reviews and a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars on, the NOVA Comet II 46301 Midi lathe was found genuinely valued by most buyers. Clients are happy with its exceptional support that is hassle-free. There's barely any criticism you may find relating to this lathe. You can think about this wood lathe among the lathes that are finest to be utilized.

As of this moment, we've found buyers for more using the NOVA Comet II midi lathe. Be it bowl spindle, this midi lathe is actually a good wood lathe to be used. You will find any issues. Its speed engine is effective at handling. It runs vibration free and its variable speed controller offers speed fluctuations in both forward and switching directions. Its own locking handles are also equipped. The tailstock glides across the railings. Even its accessories add a Bit More performance to this lathe

Thereby, contemplating these amazing features, we could recommend the NOVA Comet II 46301 midi lathe to most furniture and cabinet manufacturers who only expect a lathe for smaller woodturning jobs and into the hobbyist turners, pencil turners and the men and women that are new to woodturning.




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